Páll asked if I would take some nudes of him, I soon realized that Páll was someone on the edge of society that no one really saw or wanted to see. He had one of those faces my father would have called "a face only a mother could love"plus he was particular. We talked a little on the phone when he called me again the spring of 2016 and he if I would take some more photos of him. I had not heard from Páll again so I called a mutual friend and asked if he knew anything about Páll, he told me Páll had died suddenly in the summer 2016. I was stunned and cried for several hours for the fact that I have met some of the nicest people that live life on the unseen edge. Persons that are a bit odd but kind and funny. I cried for all the persons that are never seen, never invited, never loved except for by their mother.